“Chris Rock’s Explosive Netflix Special Reveals Shocking Feud with Jada Pinkett Smith”

Chris Rock, famous comedian and actor, has been in the headlines recently due to his new Netflix comedy special that has caused outrage amongst some viewers. The special includes a segment where Rock reveals that his feud with Jada Pinkett Smith started when she accused him of being jealous of her husband, Will Smith. Despite this controversy, Rock’s special has received high viewership and positive reviews.

In addition to discussing his feud with Pinkett Smith, Rock’s special also delves into topics such as the Oscars, race relations, and cancel culture. Rock has been outspoken about his criticism of the Oscars, and his special is no exception. He argues that the awards show has a history of overlooking black actors and actresses, citing examples such as Halle Berry and Denzel Washington.

However, not everyone is pleased with Rock’s opinions. Many viewers took to Twitter to express their outrage, with some even claiming to have turned off their TVs due to his commentary. Some labeled his jokes as “shocking” and claimed that they were offended by them.

Despite the backlash, Rock defends his comedy and his right to speak his mind. He reiterated this in a recent interview where he stated that he is not afraid to offend people with his jokes and that comedy is meant to push boundaries.

Overall, Chris Rock’s new special has sparked a lot of controversy and discussion. Regardless of one’s opinion of his comedy, there is no denying that he continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.