Coaches on the Hot Seat: Will 2024 Be Their Last Season?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The college football coaching landscape is constantly evolving, with job security hanging in the balance for many coaches across the nation. This off-season alone saw 29 programs make coaching changes, adding to the 83 changes in the last three years and 125 changes in the last five seasons.

For coaches on the hot seat, the pressure is palpable, with success on the field often being the deciding factor in their fate. The annual Hot Seat Rankings at CBS Sports evaluate the job security of all 134 FBS coaches, examining their performance and the expectations placed upon them.

With only three out of seven coaches from last year’s list surviving into 2024, the track record of the Hot Seat Rankings in predicting coaching turnover is evident. Over the past six years, 50 coaches rated 4 or hotter on the list have either been fired or resigned under pressure, highlighting the impact of these rankings on coaching careers.

As the college football landscape continues to shift, notable programs like Arkansas and Florida find themselves at the center of coaching speculation. Coaches like Sam Pittman and Billy Napier face high expectations, with win-or-be-fired ratings adding an extra layer of pressure to their season.

Beyond the prominent coaches on the hot seat, unique situations arise for others, such as Ohio State’s Ryan Day, who must secure a victory against Michigan to avoid dire consequences. Miami’s Mario Cristobal also faces scrutiny despite a strong fan base, emphasizing the delicate balance between performance and support in the coaching world.

The ratings key provided in the Hot Seat Rankings categorizes coaches based on their job security, with some facing the challenge of improving immediately to secure their positions. With new coordinators, facility upgrades, and high stakes, the 2024 college football season promises to be a defining moment for many coaches on the hot seat.

As the season unfolds, fans and analysts alike will keep a close eye on the hot seat rankings, anticipating the impact on coaching careers and the future of college football programs nationwide.