Coast Guard Rescues Man from Daring Boat Disaster in ‘Goonies’ House Drama

A 35-year-old Canadian man was arrested after a daring rescue by the US Coast Guard this week. The man had been wanted by Canadian police for harassing the house used in the 1985 movie “The Goonies” and for stealing a boat.

The rescue occurred after the man took the boat out on the Columbia River in Oregon and encountered a massive wave that capsized the boat. He was seconds away from drowning when the US Coast Guard arrived and rescued him.

Video of the rescue shows the Coast Guard swimmer jumping into the water and saving the man’s life. The Coast Guard was also able to recover a dead fish the man had left at the Goonies house.

The man was taken into custody by Canadian police after the rescue. He was wanted for harassment and theft in Canada.

The US Coast Guard’s quick response and daring rescue saved the man’s life and resulted in his arrest.