“Colorado River crisis deepens as White House proposes even water allotment cuts, major cities at risk of huge water cuts”

The White House has proposed evenly cutting water allotments from the Colorado River, which would potentially affect major cities such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The New York Times reports that this proposal is part of a plan to save the river from its ongoing crisis. The Colorado River has been facing drought conditions for years, and despite some relief from the past winter’s wet weather, it is still far from fully recovering.

CNN adds that while the winter’s precipitation has helped alleviate some pressure on the river, it is not a permanent solution. In fact, the proposal to cut water allotments comes as the federal government attempts to curb usage from Arizona and other Southwest states. FOX 10 News Phoenix reports that Arizona’s wet weather last year did make a big dent in drought conditions, but it remains to be seen how much further action is needed to fully address the issue.

12news.com KPNX states that the bill for the Colorado River crisis is now due, and the federal government is proposing ways to reduce usage from certain states. Meanwhile, CNN reports that the proposed cuts in water allotments could have major consequences for cities that rely on the river’s water. The situation remains fluid, and it is unclear how this proposal will ultimately affect the river and those who depend on it.