Compensation: Singapore Airlines to Pay $10,000 for Turbulence Injuries

Singapore – In the wake of a devastating turbulence incident on a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore, the airline has made the decision to offer compensation to passengers who were injured during the flight. The incident, which took place over Myanmar and resulted in a diversion to Thailand, left one passenger dead and numerous others injured.

In response to the incident, Singapore Airlines has announced that they will be providing compensation to passengers who suffered minor injuries, offering $10,000 to each affected individual. For those with more severe injuries, the airline has pledged an advance payment of $25,000 to address immediate needs, with further discussions planned to address specific circumstances.

Following the turbulence incident, more than a hundred passengers from the flight were treated at a hospital in Bangkok for a variety of injuries, including spinal cord, head, and muscle injuries. The passengers described harrowing experiences of crew and individuals without seatbelts being thrown around and hitting the cabin ceiling.

With 211 passengers and 18 crew members on board the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft during the incident, Singapore Airlines has also stated that they will be offering a full fare refund to all passengers on the flight, regardless of whether they sustained injuries. Additionally, the airline has promised compensation in accordance with EU or UK regulations for any delays experienced by the passengers.

In compliance with international regulations, Singapore Airlines will be providing compensation to passengers who were injured or affected during the turbulence incident. The event has also sparked discussions around seatbelt practices, highlighting the importance of ensuring passengers remain safely secured during flights for their protection.