“Congress Approves Debt Limit Increase After Democratic Rescue in Crucial Vote”

Congress has passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling after a tense stand-off between Democrats and Republicans. The debt limit rule was adopted with the help of Democrats, who rode to the rescue in what was a largely partisan vote. The legislation will allow the US government to continue borrowing money to pay its bills and obligations, and avoid a potential economic crisis.

The deal to raise the debt ceiling and curb spending now faces crucial votes in Congress. The bill includes provisions to curb government spending, but it has drawn criticism from some Republicans who believe it does not go far enough. One GOP Congressman even proposed an amendment to go after low-income housing, which drew outrage from Democrats.

The bill faced a contentious final vote in the House, which was broadcast live on NBC News. Ultimately, it passed with a slim majority, with many Republicans voting against it.

The latest developments on the US debt ceiling deal were closely watched by the media, with CNN providing live updates. The New Republic highlighted the controversial proposal to target low-income housing, while Roll Call focused on the political maneuvering that led to the adoption of the debt limit rule.

The passage of the bill to raise the debt ceiling marks a temporary victory for Democrats, who have been pushing for a more expansive spending package. However, the legislation will likely face more scrutiny and debate as it moves through Congress.