Counterfeit US Banknotes and Copier Materials Found in Murdered Taiwanese Man’s Safes

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Police in Bang Na district have made a startling discovery in the case of a Taiwanese man found murdered in a hotel room last week. The officers opened the safes belonging to the late Chu Chiang Shen, 48, at the Bang Na police station on Monday and found counterfeit US dollar bills, paper, and copying materials.

The two safes, taken from Shen’s room at the Niran Grand Hotel, contained 1,312 fake bills, 1,821 pieces of black paper, and 8,790 pieces of green paper. Police are now focusing on identifying Thai and foreign suspects who may be involved in the banknote forgery.

Chu was found dead in his hotel room with his limbs tied and his face wrapped in plastic. Witnesses stated that he checked into the hotel alone on Tuesday afternoon and detectives suspect that the murder occurred late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Shortly after the murder, a Myanmar man and a Cameroonian man were arrested, while a Thai woman and a Vanuatan suspect are still being sought by the police.

This discovery sheds light on the complexity of the case and raises questions about potential international connections to the counterfeit operation. The fact that the suspects come from different countries adds another layer of intrigue to the investigation. The police are now focused on gathering more evidence to determine the extent of the operation and to bring all responsible parties to justice.

The shocking nature of this case has prompted the authorities to consider it as a potential transnational crime. As the investigation unfolds, authorities will continue to pursue leads in an effort to bring closure to this baffling case. This tragic event serves as a reminder of the global reach of criminal activities and the importance of international cooperation in combating such illegal enterprises.