Cracks in Putin’s Rule: One Year After Ukraine Invasion, What We Should Have Learned from Herodotus

It has been one year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the effects of the conflict are still being felt. Faint cracks have begun to emerge in the facade of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rule, as criticism of his actions has grown louder in the international community.

In the past year, Russia has enacted a number of policies that have been seen as a purge of political critics and a surge of nationalism. These policies have been met with criticism from human rights organizations and foreign governments, who have accused Russia of violating international law.

Analysis has suggested that if Putin had read the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, he would have had a better understanding of the consequences of his actions in Ukraine. Herodotus wrote extensively about the effects of war and the importance of diplomacy in international relations, and his words still hold true today.

The people of Ukraine, meanwhile, have suffered greatly in the past year. They have faced displacement, economic hardship, and an uncertain future. Opinion pieces have suggested that Ukraine needs international support and investment in order to rebuild and move forward.

The conflict in Ukraine serves as a reminder of the importance of diplomacy and the need for international cooperation. As the world marks the one-year anniversary of the war, it is important to remember the lessons of the past and to strive for peace in the future.