Crisis: IDF Strikes and Deadly Damage in Gaza Creates Hospitals Collapse and Chaos

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – The conflict between Israel and Palestine has escalated, with Israeli airstrikes continuing to target the Jabalya area in northern Gaza. As a result, hospitals are overwhelmed with wounded men, women, and children, and the health crisis in Gaza is worsening.

According to Reuters videos, civilians in Jabalya are facing terrifying conditions, with many unable to evacuate despite the ongoing attacks. The Israel Defense Forces have stated that their focus is on “terror targets” in the area, striking tunnel shafts where they believe terrorists are hiding.

As the situation deteriorates, doctors at the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza are dealing with severe shortages of fuel, power, food, and water, compounded by the presence of Israeli tanks surrounding the building. The hospital’s spokesperson, journalist Anas Al-Sharif, described the scene as “very dangerous and difficult,” with a state of fear and horror among the civilians inside.

Amid the chaos, the Palestine Red Crescent Society reported that four doctors were killed during Israeli shelling of Al-Awda Hospital in the Jabalya area. This has led to a collapse of the health sector in the northern part of Gaza, with hospitals closed and no medical services available.

Despite the escalating violence, the exact toll on civilians and medical facilities remains unclear, as Israel has yet to comment on the reported shelling. The impact of the ongoing conflict is devastating for the people of Gaza, with the situation becoming increasingly dire.