Crush Kills Over 100 in India: Shocking Details Revealed!

NEW DELHI, India – Tragedy struck a religious gathering in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, resulting in the deaths of over a hundred individuals. The incident took place during a prayer meeting known as a satsang in the village of Mughal Garhi in the Hathras district, about 124 miles southeast of New Delhi.

Among the 116 fatalities were 108 women and seven children, according to Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh. Over 72 individuals have been identified, with 18 sustaining injuries in the crush. Local officials attribute the overcrowding to the fatal incident, which caused people to fall into an open sewer.

Organizers of the gathering reportedly underestimated attendance, expecting 80,000 people but being met with a larger turnout. Following the tragic event, survivors recounted the chaos as people toppled over one another, resulting in casualties. Authorities have launched a high-level inquiry into the circumstances leading to the incident.

Efforts are underway to provide medical care to the injured and conduct post-mortem examinations as necessary. The community mourned the loss as crowds gathered outside hospitals, where families grieved for their loved ones. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences and assured that relief and rescue operations were in progress.

The district magistrate of Hathras mentioned that the crush occurred as attendees were leaving the event, held to honor the Hindu deity Shiva. While police had granted permission for the private gathering, organizers were responsible for managing the arrangements inside. An investigation will be carried out by a newly formed high-level committee to shed light on the tragic events that unfolded. This incident marks yet another unfortunate stampede in the country, highlighting the need for stricter safety measures at public gatherings.