Cuba Grants China Permission to Build Spy Facility on Island, Raising Concerns over US National Security

Cuba has granted permission to China to build a secret spy base on the island, which will focus on spying on the United States, according to US intelligence. The Wall Street Journal reports that the base will be located close to the US, just 90 miles from Florida. The news has raised concerns about the potential threat that the spy base could pose to American national security. The issue has also become the latest point of contention in the ongoing power struggle between the US and China. The Miami Herald has called on President Joe Biden to push back against the proposed spy base, arguing that it would be a clear threat to American interests. Politico reports that China has a long history of espionage in the US and is believed to be actively seeking ways to spy on the country from a base in Cuba. The situation is still developing, and it remains to be seen how the US will respond to the news.