“Cyclone Freddy Strikes Mozambique Twice in One Month, Leaves Devastation and One Dead”

Cyclone Freddy Strikes Mozambique Again, Leaving One Dead

Mozambique has once again been hit by Cyclone Freddy, causing destruction and leaving one person dead. This is the second time Cyclone Freddy has struck the country this year, with the first time being in late February.

Winds reaching up to 40 miles per hour and heavy rainfall lashed the coastal city of Beira, causing flooding and destroying houses. The country’s electricity and communication infrastructure have also been badly affected.

The first recorded death was that of a 40-year-old woman who was hit by a falling tree. Utility poles and trees were knocked down, blocking roads and cutting off areas from essential services.

The government has said that it is ready to provide assistance to affected communities, and aid organizations have also arrived in the area. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made relief efforts more difficult.

Cyclones and flooding are a common occurrence in Mozambique, which is located on Africa’s southeastern coast. The country has been badly hit by storms in recent years, and its infrastructure is in need of repairs and maintenance.

Residents have been advised to remain indoors and to take precautions as the storm continues to move through the country.