DAM DISASTER: Heavy fighting and evacuations continue in Ukraine as Putin calls attack a barbaric act

Ukraine is currently facing multiple crises, as heavy fighting continues in the eastern part of the country, and a dam disaster has caused extensive flooding and evacuations. In the midst of all this, Russian President Putin has condemned the recent attack on the Kakhovka dam as a “barbaric act”.

According to live updates from CNBC, Kyiv has called for help as the death toll from the floods continues to rise. The full scope of the disaster is still coming into view, but evacuations are ongoing and the situation is being closely monitored.

Meanwhile, in the east, heavy fighting is underway between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists. The Financial Times reports that the dam disaster has complicated Ukraine’s counteroffensive, as resources are being diverted to deal with the flooding. In addition, the destruction of the dam has been condemned as a war crime by Al Jazeera English.

Russian President Putin has also commented on the attack, calling it a “barbaric act” in a statement reported by WION. However, there is still much debate over who is responsible for the attack. Some are blaming Russian agents or separatists, while others are suggesting it could be an inside job by Ukrainian saboteurs.

As tensions continue to rise and the situation in Ukraine remains uncertain, it is clear that the country is facing a complex and difficult set of challenges. The world will be watching closely to see how events unfold.