Deadly 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Turkey, Syria: Scores Killed and Trapped

A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria early Tuesday morning, leaving scores dead and many trapped. The earthquake was felt across the Middle East and was one of the strongest to hit the region in years.

According to CNN, at least 118 people have been reported dead and many more are trapped in the rubble. Rescue teams are working around the clock to try to reach those in need of help.

The quake was centered in the Elazig province in southeastern Turkey, near the border with Syria. It was felt as far away as the capital of Ankara and the port city of Izmir.

The earthquake caused several buildings to collapse in both countries, including homes, schools and businesses. In Turkey, officials have declared a state of emergency in six provinces.

ABC7 reported that the quake was so powerful it caused a mini tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea, with waves reaching up to three feet high.

The full extent of the damage is still being assessed, but it is clear that the region has been severely affected by the quake. Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.

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