DEADLY: At Least 13 People Killed in Central U.S. Storm Devastation – See the Aftermath Here!

VALLEY VIEW, Texas – Tragedy struck Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas as powerful storms wreaked havoc, claiming the lives of at least 13 individuals and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The devastating weather system obliterated homes and even demolished a truck stop, where numerous individuals sought refuge during the relentless storms that swept through the central United States.

In Cooke County, Texas, near the Oklahoma border, seven fatalities were reported after a tornado tore through a rural area, causing extensive damage. Similarly, in Oklahoma, the storms claimed two lives and caused significant property destruction, including houses and an outdoor wedding venue. The aftermath of the storms left tens of thousands without power across the affected region.

Cooke County Sheriff Ray Sappington described the scene as a “trail of debris” with severe devastation, including the tragic loss of two young children aged 2 and 5. The community of Valley View in Cooke County was particularly hard hit, with three family members found deceased in one home.

A survivor, Hugo Parra, recalled his harrowing experience as he and dozens of others took shelter in a truck stop restroom near Valley View. The storm’s ferocity stripped the building of its roof and walls, leaving behind a scene of destruction with mangled metal beams and damaged vehicles in the parking lot.

Emergency response teams in Denton County, Texas, transported multiple injured individuals to hospitals via ambulance and helicopter, although the full extent of the injuries remained unknown at that time. Meanwhile, Arkansas reported at least four fatalities, with one victim found outside a destroyed home in a small community called Olvey in Boone County.

Local officials in Benton County, Arkansas, confirmed another fatality, with numerous individuals sustaining injuries and emergency personnel working tirelessly to respond to calls for help. Similarly, in Mayes County, Oklahoma, two deaths were confirmed, although details about the deceased were not immediately available.

The catastrophic storms in the region added to a somber month of severe weather incidents in the central United States. Reports from Iowa earlier in the week indicated at least five fatalities and numerous injuries from tornadoes, underscoring the severe nature of this year’s tornado season.

As authorities urged residents to seek cover during the approaching storms, the National Weather Service issued urgent warnings to the public, emphasizing the imminent danger. The devastation became more apparent at daybreak, revealing overturned cars, collapsed structures, and displaced residents assessing the extent of the damage.

In Valley View, the destructive storms ripped roofs off homes, shattered windows, and scattered debris along miles of fencing surrounding grazing land. Widespread power outages affected hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in the storm’s path, with Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma all reporting significant disruptions in power supply.

Looking ahead, the system responsible for the severe weather was projected to move east over the Memorial Day weekend, with more severe storms predicted for states like Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky. The risk of severe weather was expected to extend to North Carolina and Virginia in the following days, highlighting the ongoing threat posed by extreme weather events across the nation.