“Deadly Clash in West Bank: Israeli Troops Kill 3 Palestinian Gunmen”

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) came under fire from Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank and in response, the IDF shot and killed three of the attackers.

According to The Times of Israel, the incident occurred on Sunday, March 13, when IDF troops were conducting a routine patrol near the village of Beitunia. The gunmen reportedly opened fire at the soldiers, prompting the IDF to return fire, killing three of the attackers.

The Guardian reported that the Israeli military released a statement saying that the gunmen were members of a Hamas-affiliated group and had planned to carry out a terrorist attack in the area.

The WION News also reported on the incident, stating that the shooting resulted in fresh violence in the West Bank.

Reuters.com further reported that the IDF and Palestinian gunmen clashed, resulting in the death of the three gunmen.

Al-Monitor reported that the Israeli army had shot dead the three Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank.

No Israeli soldiers were injured in the incident. The IDF is continuing to investigate the attack.