Debate Showdown: Biden and Trump Face Off in Presidential Debates – Check Out the Dates!

Washington – President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have agreed to participate in a series of presidential debates hosted by CNN and ABC News, with the first debate set for June 27 and the second for September 10. The swift decision came after a flurry of activity, culminating in both candidates accepting invitations to face off in the upcoming debates.

The initial proposal for the debates came from the Biden campaign, indicating the president’s willingness to engage in two debates prior to the November election. This sparked a rapid exchange of proposals and social media posts between the Democratic and Republican nominees, resulting in the scheduling of debates in June and September within a matter of hours.

President Biden announced via social media his acceptance of CNN’s invitation to participate in the debate on June 27 and extended an invitation to Trump to join him. CNN subsequently confirmed that the debate would take place at its Atlanta studios, with no live audience present to allow the candidates to maximize their speaking time.

Criteria were laid out by CNN for qualification in the debate, including constitutional eligibility, FEC statement of candidacy, presence on enough state ballots to reach 270 electoral votes, agreement to debate rules, and polling requirements. As it stands, Biden and Trump are the only candidates meeting these criteria, raising doubts about independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s participation due to polling and ballot access issues.

Following the confirmation of the June debate, President Biden announced his acceptance of ABC News’ invitation for a second debate on September 10, to which Trump promptly agreed. Meanwhile, Kennedy criticized the exclusivity of the debates, accusing the two main contenders of colluding to lock America into a rematch of the 2020 election.

The Biden campaign presented terms for the debates, specifying one-on-one debates on broadcast organizations that hosted primary debates involving Trump and Biden, such as CBS News, ABC News, CNN, and Telemundo. In response, the Trump campaign accepted the proposed September debate while advocating for additional debates to allow voters maximum exposure to their respective candidacies.

Furthermore, the Commission on Presidential Debates expressed readiness for the announced debates in September and October, emphasizing the importance of substantive debates among the leading presidential candidates for the benefit of the American public. Biden’s campaign stressed the need for issue-centered debates over procedural discussions, with hopes that both campaigns accept broadcast media debate invitations expediently.