“Debt Ceiling Bill Advances to House Floor Despite Republican Opposition”

WASHINGTON D.C. – After a long and contentious debate, the United States Senate voted to raise the debt ceiling. The bill then proceeded to the House of Representatives, where it faced opposition from hard-right Republican lawmakers.

Despite this opposition, the bill cleared a key procedural hurdle and advanced to the House floor. However, just hours before the vote was expected to take place, some Republican lawmakers vowed to sink the deal.

The drama surrounding the debt ceiling has been a long and tense one, with twists and turns along the way. In an opinion piece in The New York Times, the writer delved into the various twists and turns and analyzed what could happen next.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg published an article discussing the possibility that a weak deal would be better than no deal at all. The Los Angeles Times published letters to the editor arguing that cutting the IRS would not help the debt crisis.

As the debate continues in Congress and throughout the country, more updates on the debt ceiling will be sure to come. Stay tuned for further developments.