Debt Ceiling Deal Advances Pipeline and Tweak Environmental Rules, Joe Manchin Calls Bullsh*t on GOP Taking Credit for Gas Pipeline, Hayes on the Debt Deal Expediting the Manchin-Backed Pipeline, Congress Turning Climate Gaslighting into Law: Mountain Valley Pipeline Must Stop Spreading False Promises – Key Word: Pipeline

Washington D.C. – After much negotiation and debate, a debt ceiling deal has been reached in Congress. The deal includes provisions for a new gas pipeline and tweaks to environmental regulations, but not everyone is happy with the outcome.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) has called out the GOP for taking credit for the gas pipeline in the deal. “It’s bulls***,” he stated in a recent interview. Manchin, who was a strong proponent of the pipeline, feels that the GOP is using it as a political tool rather than giving credit where credit is due.

Environmentalists are also raising concerns about the pipeline and the overall impact of the deal on climate change. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes described it as “the ugly part” of the agreement, and The New York Times published an opinion piece arguing that Congress is turning climate gaslighting into law.

In addition to the pipeline, the deal also includes provisions for expediting its construction, which has raised concerns about environmental impact and safety. The Roanoke Times editorial board wrote that the Mountain Valley Pipeline must stop spreading false promises about its safety and impact.

Despite these concerns, many in Congress are praising the deal as a necessary compromise. “We didn’t get everything we wanted,” said Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), “but we were able to come together and find a path forward that works for all of us.”

The full details of the debt ceiling deal are still being analyzed, but it’s clear that the provisions for the gas pipeline and environmental regulations will continue to be a point of contention for many lawmakers and activists.