Debt Ceiling Deal: Biden’s “Big Win” Could Deeply Harm Working Class, Says David Sirota

Biden Campaign Launches Ad Blitz Capitalizing on Debt Ceiling Deal

In the wake of the recent debt ceiling deal, the Biden campaign has launched a new ad blitz to capitalize on the president’s “big win.” The campaign argues that the deal shows Biden’s ability to work across the aisle and get things done for the American people, despite pushback from GOP hardliners.

The ad focuses on the potential harm that a default on the debt ceiling would have on working-class Americans, highlighting the importance of reaching a deal. It also features clips of Biden speaking about his commitment to bipartisanship and working for the middle class.

“President Biden fought hard to get this deal done, and it shows his dedication to putting the American people first,” said a spokesperson for the Biden campaign. “The ad will remind Americans that when politicians put aside their differences and work together, we can achieve great things for our country.”

The ad blitz comes as some progressives criticize the debt ceiling deal for not going far enough to address structural issues in the American economy. David Sirota, a progressive commentator, said in an interview with Democracy Now! that the deal will “deeply harm” working-class Americans in the long run.

However, the Biden campaign sees the deal as a critical step forward and hopes that the ad blitz will help bolster support for the president’s agenda. The campaign is targeting key swing districts across the country with the ads, hoping to sway undecided voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.