Dehydrated Netanyahu Rushed to Hospital, but Says He Feels ‘Very Good’ – Urges Public to Stay Hydrated

Netanyahu Hospitalized for Dehydration, Says He Feels “Very Good”

Jerusalem – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, experiencing symptoms of mild dizziness that doctors concluded were likely due to dehydration. Although he claims to feel “very good,” medical professionals ordered him to stay overnight for further observation. As a result, his weekly Cabinet meeting was postponed and rescheduled for Monday.

According to Netanyahu’s office, the prime minister had spent the previous day in the scorching heat at the Sea of Galilee, a popular vacation spot in northern Israel. After undergoing a series of tests, doctors determined that dehydration was the likely cause of his discomfort. In a video statement from the hospital, Netanyahu explained that he had been in the sun without a hat or sufficient water and admitted that it had been “not a good idea.” He expressed gratitude towards the medical team at Israel’s Sheba Hospital for their care and thanked the public for their supportive messages.

Israel is currently experiencing a summer heat wave, with temperatures soaring into the mid-30s Celsius (mid-90s Fahrenheit). In light of this, Netanyahu urged people to drink water and avoid prolonged sun exposure. Netanyahu, who has held office for over 15 years, making him Israel’s longest-serving leader, generally maintains good health. Last October, he was briefly hospitalized after feeling unwell during Yom Kippur prayers, a day when observant Jews fast.

While Netanyahu recuperates, he continues to face numerous challenges. He is currently on trial for multiple corruption charges, a case that has deep divisions within the nation. Additionally, the international community has criticized his government’s hardline policies towards Palestinians, which have strained relations with the United States, Israel’s closest ally. Domestically, tens of thousands of Israelis have been protesting weekly against Netanyahu’s plan to overhaul the country’s judiciary, seeing it as a consolidation of power.

The opposition leader, Yair Lapid, sent his well wishes to Netanyahu, wishing him a full recovery and good health. This sentiment was echoed on Twitter, where Lapid encouraged Netanyahu to feel better.

As Israel awaits Netanyahu’s return to full health, it is evident that the country’s political landscape remains turbulent. With numerous trials, ongoing protests, and contentious policies, the road ahead for Israel’s longest-serving prime minister continues to be arduous.