Democratic States Stockpile Abortion Pills in Response to Texas Ruling

Democrat-backed states are preparing to stockpile abortion pills following a recent Texas ruling that prohibits the procedure after six weeks of gestation, which is before some women may even know they are pregnant. California has already begun its efforts to collect supplies of Mifepristone, which is one of the two drugs needed for a medical abortion. The state has also taken steps to expand access to abortion care, including by allowing certain non-physician healthcare providers to perform the procedure. Other Democrat-controlled states, such as New York and Massachusetts, have also started purchasing abortion medications in anticipation of the ruling being upheld or similar laws being passed in their respective jurisdictions. Meanwhile, there is a competing legal battle over the FDA’s approval of Mifepristone, with some states banning its use and others seeking to protect it. The issue has become increasingly politicized and divisive, with both sides accusing the other of infringing on women’s reproductive rights.