“Democratic Transformation Goes Viral as Tennessee Legislature Faces Backlash and Calls for Boycott”

The reappointment of Justin J. Pearson to the Tennessee House of Representatives was confirmed by county commissioners in a vote yesterday. Pearson, a Republican, has held the position since 2018 and has been a vocal proponent of conservative policies in the state. In other news, a viral video of a Tennessee Democrat’s transformation from college to now has been making the rounds on social media. The video, which features the individual in a variety of different looks and hairstyles, has been likened to an SNL skit by many viewers.

Meanwhile, an opinion piece published on CNN argues that expelling a state lawmaker from the legislature has backfired on Tennessee Republicans. The piece, written by the expelled lawmaker, claims that the move has only galvanized support for progressive policies and inspired a new generation of activists. Finally, the expulsion of three Tennessee lawmakers has prompted a boycott from U.S. readers of the Tennessean newspaper. Many readers are outraged by what they see as an undemocratic power play and are calling for a boycott of the paper until the lawmakers are reinstated.