DeSantis and Trump Neck and Neck in Iowa as GOP Presidential Race Heats Up: Latest Poll Results

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has been making campaign-like stops across the country, including in Iowa, as GOP presidential race for 2024 begins to heat up.

According to a recent Fox News poll, DeSantis is neck and neck with former President Donald Trump in Iowa, a state that traditionally kicks off the presidential race.

During his Iowa stop, DeSantis made headlines when he criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci, stating that “he needs to be held accountable” for his statements about COVID-19.

Despite some awkward moments during the visit, DeSantis still managed to win over the crowd with his strong conservative message and leadership during the pandemic.

As the race for the Republican nomination for president begins to take shape, it remains to be seen whether DeSantis can maintain his momentum and challenge Trump for the nomination. Nevertheless, his campaign stops across the country have certainly put him on the map as a potential candidate to watch in the coming years.