Discover Why Lilium’s New Battery Technology is Revolutionizing the Aviation Industry! Hear Insights from the Q1 Business Update Conference Call with Industry Leaders and Global Officials!

Berlin, Germany — Lilium N.V. held its first quarter 2024 Business Update Conference Call, providing insights into the company’s progress and future plans. With a strong presence at prestigious events like EBACE in Geneva and ILA in Berlin, Lilium showcased its innovative approach to business aviation. The company’s CEO, Klaus Roewe, highlighted the positive reception from industry leaders and regulators, emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainable flight solutions.

At the EBACE, the largest attendance by Lilium to date, the company’s exhibition booth featured a full-scale show jet and a flight simulator, attracting significant attention from industry stakeholders. The event resulted in key announcements, including a sale and purchase agreement with eVolare for multiple Lilium jets and an extended partnership with Luxaviation for infrastructure support in Europe and the Middle East.

In Berlin, at the ILA, Lilium garnered attention from top officials, including a visit from Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who expressed support for the company’s decarbonization efforts. The positive feedback from influential figures underscores Lilium’s growing presence in the aviation industry and its contribution to environmental sustainability.

Looking ahead, Lilium is gearing up for the Farnborough International Air Show, where it plans to showcase its innovative aircraft design and engage with a global audience. Despite uncertainties surrounding political events, such as a potential snap election in France, Lilium remains focused on its mission to revolutionize air mobility and reduce carbon emissions.

The company’s strategic partnerships with battery technology suppliers like Gotion and Inobat are essential for the development of advanced aviation-grade battery packs. These collaborations underscore Lilium’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainable aviation solutions.

As Lilium moves closer to its milestones, including the first manned flight targeted for late 2024 and entry into service in 2026, the company remains dedicated to achieving its goals and making significant contributions to the aviation industry. With a robust roadmap for industrial investments and a focus on production capabilities, Lilium is poised for success in the evolving landscape of air transportation.