Dock Fight Turns Deadly in Hillsborough County: Man Charged with Murder, Victim Found in Water

RUSKIN, FL – A tragedy unfolded in Ruskin, Florida over the weekend as Hillsborough County deputies made an arrest in connection with a fatal incident. According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the arrest was made following a report of a shooting on Bahia Beach Boulevard around 6:37 p.m. on Saturday evening.

Upon arrival at the scene, deputies discovered that the situation was not a shooting but rather a person who had fallen into the water at Bahia Beach. Tragically, divers recovered the body of a deceased man from the water.

Investigations revealed that the victim had been involved in a physical altercation with a man named Kamal Padlowski, 50, while on a boat together. The altercation escalated, leading to Padlowski pushing the victim onto the dock, resulting in a fatal head injury.

Subsequently, Padlowski pushed the victim into the water before authorities intervened. Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister expressed condolences to the victim’s family, emphasizing the grave consequences of violence and the commitment of the Sheriff’s Office to ensuring justice in the case.

Padlowski has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder as the investigation continues. Authorities are currently working to notify the victim’s next-of-kin of the tragic incident. This incident serves as a somber reminder of the impact of violence and the importance of swift and thorough law enforcement responses to such incidents.