Dog’s Tip Leads to Capture of Escaped Inmate Suspected in Crimes: Couple Receives Reward for Recognizing Fugitive

Couple’s Dog Tips Them Off to Capture Escaped Inmate

Warren County, Pennsylvania – An escaped inmate, suspected of multiple crimes, was apprehended on Saturday thanks to a tip from a local couple who recognized him from news reports. Michael Charles Burham, 34, had been on the run for a week before being taken into custody by authorities. Cindy and Ron Ecklund became instrumental in his capture after their dog alerted them to his presence near their home.

The Ecklunds, upon hearing their dog barking incessantly, decided to investigate the situation. Ron Ecklund drove down to the nearby creek, where he discovered a man camping. When confronted, the man claimed to be camping, but something seemed off to Ecklund. He then called his wife, and as they were on their way back home, Cindy Ecklund recognized the man as the escaped inmate Burham. Having seen his picture in the news repeatedly, they promptly dialed 911 to inform the authorities.

In addition to providing crucial information leading to the capture of the escaped inmate, the Ecklunds are hopeful that they will be eligible for the reward offered by authorities, which had reached $22,000 by the time of Burham’s arrest. Burham had managed to escape from the Warren County Jail on July 7 by climbing through the metal grates of the jail yard’s roof and descending using bedsheets tied together. Authorities described him as skilled in survivalist tactics and at ease in wooded areas.

After his arrest, Burham was taken into custody and will face charges for the escape. Prior to his escape, Burham was accused of kidnapping a Warren County couple while evading authorities in New York, where he is also suspected of murder. In May, he was found responsible for the shooting death of Kala Hodgkin. While there are currently no state charges filed against him in the murder case, he had been charged with flight to avoid prosecution in May. A federal criminal complaint revealed that another call came in claiming that Burham had tried to break into his ex-girlfriend’s house and set her car on fire.

The Ecklunds’ tip proved to be invaluable, as it led to Burham’s capture and ended the eight-day manhunt involving various federal and local departments. The swift resolution of this case can be attributed to the vigilance of the couple and their dog, demonstrating the vital role that communities play in aiding law enforcement efforts.

In conclusion, the Ecklunds’ quick thinking and recognition of the escaped inmate facilitated the capture of Michael Charles Burham, who had been at large for a week. Their dog’s alertness to a stranger near their home led them to confront Burham, whom they immediately identified from numerous news reports. This led to their call to 911 and ultimately to Burham’s arrest. The couple’s involvement highlights the importance of community engagement and swift action, showcasing how ordinary individuals can make a significant impact in the fight against crime.