Dominant Dental Hygiene Student Wins 10th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Title, Breaks World Record – Could Women Out-Eat Men for First Time?

New York City – Miki Sudo, a dental hygiene student from Florida, achieved a remarkable feat by winning her 10th title at the annual Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest in New York City. Sudo devoured 51 hot dogs in just 10 minutes, setting a new world record for women in the competition. Her victory marked the retention of the coveted pink belt for another year, expressing her joy and satisfaction in continuing her winning streak.

The 38-year-old defending champion faced fierce competition from around the world, including her 28-year-old rival Mayoi Ebihara from Japan. Ebihara, who came in second after consuming 37 hot dogs, displayed impressive eating prowess. Notably, with the absence of Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, a dominant figure in previous contests, the spotlight was on Sudo’s exceptional performance as she surpassed her competitors and set a high bar for the women’s division.

The event, held outside the original Nathan’s location in Brooklyn’s Coney Island, drew thousands of enthusiastic fans eager to witness the thrilling spectacle. ESPN captured the contest live, showcasing the intense rivalry and determination of participants striving to claim victory. As competitors from various states and continents gathered for the challenge, the atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation as the clock counted down for the epic battle of appetites.

Australian competitor James Webb, renowned for his world record in consuming 70 doughnuts in eight minutes, expressed confidence in the potential for a new champion to emerge in this year’s event. The competition promised a generous prize of $10,000 and the esteemed title that awaited the contestant who could outperform the rest in consuming the most hot dogs within the allotted 10 minutes. Amidst the thrill of the competition, participants from diverse backgrounds and nations showcased their unique eating skills, adding to the dynamic energy of the event.

The absence of Chestnut, the reigning champion with an impressive track record, fueled speculation on the prospects for a new winner in the men’s division. Although Chestnut’s decision to skip the event due to a sponsorship disagreement stirred intrigue, the stage was set for new contenders to seize the opportunity and make their mark on the competitive eating scene. As the competition unfolded, the anticipation grew for a potential upset that could redefine the landscape of the iconic hot dog eating contest on America’s Independence Day.