Doxxing Drama: Trump’s Conviction Leads to Michael Cohen’s Family Info Being Leaked

WASHINGTON – Following the conviction of former President Donald Trump on 34 felony counts related to illegal election influence, personal information of Michael Cohen’s family members was exposed on a doxxing website. Cohen, Trump’s ex-lawyer, was a central figure in a scandal involving hush money paid to adult film actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election campaign. He testified against Trump, revealing the former president’s fears of the story’s impact on his campaign.

In response to Cohen’s testimony, Trump denied any affair and was found guilty of falsifying business records linked to the hush money payment. Cohen, who spent time in prison, claimed his actions were directed by Trump for his benefit. The targeting of Cohen’s family through the release of their contact information was discovered by Advance Democracy, a research group.

Cohen condemned the doxxing incident, expressing concern over the troubling trend of using personal information for malicious purposes. The harassment extended to unwanted phone calls, emails, and even pizzas delivered to his residence. Trump’s supporters also engaged in similar behavior, attempting to expose jurors, prosecutors, and the judge involved in the trial.

As the situation escalated, Advance Democracy acknowledged the online exposure of Cohen’s family details, noting the sinister intent behind such actions. In a separate incident, false claims of an assassination attempt on Trump during an FBI search of Mar-A-Lago were followed by an armed attack on an FBI office, resulting in the assailant’s death after a pursuit.

The disturbing pattern of intimidation and threats highlights a concerning trend in political discourse, raising questions about the boundaries of free speech and responsible behavior. Efforts to weaponize personal information for retaliation underscore the deep polarization in American politics and the consequences of unchecked extremism. The need for vigilance against political violence and harassment remains a pressing concern in today’s volatile climate.