Dragon Quest Trilogy Remake Teased: Could Dragon Quest I and II Get the HD-2D Treatment Next?

TOKYO, Japan – Fans of the iconic Dragon Quest series have long awaited news about the potential return of the first two games in the trilogy, following the unveiling of Square Enix’s Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake. The latest update has sparked speculation among enthusiasts, fueled by insights from reliable leaker Midori hinting at the possibility of a trilogy release encompassing Dragon Quest I, II, and III on various platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

Midori’s comments have heightened anticipation surrounding the release, especially considering the absence of any official confirmation regarding the full scope of the upcoming remake. The teaser video for Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake alludes to the “legend of Erdrick,” a pivotal character in the series, without explicitly referencing the third installment.

Known as the ‘Erdrick Trilogy,’ the original three Dragon Quest releases hold significant nostalgic value for longtime fans of the franchise. The prospect of a trilogy collection being announced at the next Nintendo Direct has generated excitement, with hints suggesting a potential release by the end of the current fiscal year.

While details remain speculative, the lengthy development process behind Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake may indicate the inclusion of the first two games in the series. Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii previously mentioned the consideration of remaking Dragon Quest I and II, although no official confirmation has been made regarding their inclusion in the upcoming release.

Enthusiasts are eager to witness whether Square Enix will indeed unveil a trilogy collection and whether the initial two games will eventually receive the same HD-2D treatment. As anticipation mounts within the gaming community, the possibility of revisiting the classics in a modernized format continues to capture the imagination of fans worldwide.