“Eagle County on the Brink: How the Colorado River Agreement Will Impact Headwaters”

After months of negotiation and debate, a new agreement has been reached that will have impacts on the headwaters of the Colorado River in Eagle County, Colorado. The agreement, which was reached in a joint effort between the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico, is intended to address the ongoing water shortages that have been affecting the river for years.

The agreement, which will go into effect in 2021, will require all four states to reduce their water usage from the river by at least 15%. This will have significant impacts on agricultural operations, which rely heavily on the river for irrigation.

The agreement was not without controversy, however. California threatened to blow up the deal, citing their own water shortages and the need to protect their own interests. Despite the threats, the other four states were able to reach an agreement, though California will not be part of it.

The impacts of the agreement are expected to be felt immediately, with the four states beginning to reduce their water usage from the river as soon as the agreement goes into effect. This could have a significant impact on the local economy, as many businesses rely heavily on the river for their operations.

It remains to be seen how the agreement will affect the river in the long term, but it is a step in the right direction for all four states. For more information on the agreement, check out the full coverage on USNN.