“EPA’s New Emissions Rules: 60% EV by 2030, Saving Trillions – A Game-Changer for Electric Cars and Trucks!”

Washington D.C. – In a move to turbocharge the adoption of electric vehicles, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released new emission rules on Thursday, requiring automakers to produce 60% electric vehicles by 2030. The new standards will also save the U.S. trillions in health and environmental costs, according to the EPA.

President Biden’s administration has been pushing for the acceleration of EV movement, as part of his climate change agenda. “The transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States,” said EPA Administrator Michael Regan. “These new standards will reduce harmful emissions, create jobs, and save Americans money at the pump while helping fight climate change.”

The EPA’s new emission rules proposal requires the auto industry to reduce emissions by 56%, requiring a big jump in the production of electric vehicles by 2032. The proposal also includes tightening emissions standards for gasoline-powered vehicles and reducing nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines.

Industry experts have welcomed the EPA’s move, with the National Automobile Dealers Association stating that the new rules will help bolster consumer confidence in electric vehicles, and the auto industry’s ability to meet new regulations.

The EPA’s new rules come alongside the recent announcement from General Motors, which plans to phase out all gasoline-powered vehicles and produce only electric vehicles by 2035. Analysts predict that leading automakers will follow suit, as consumers increasingly demand cleaner and more sustainable options.

As the world continues to shift toward greener transportation options, the EPA’s new emission rules proposal is a crucial step in building a sustainable future and mitigating the impacts of climate change.