Ex-girlfriend burns down man’s house with his disabled mother inside and she burns to death

DETROIT, MI – In a grim revelation of a relationship gone awry, a Detroit woman was charged with a series of felonies, which included murder, assault, and arson resulting from a fatal fire she is accused of setting at her ex-boyfriend’s residence. The blaze tragically claimed the life of her ex’s disabled mother and seriously injured two others.

Thirty-one-year-old Cinamon Charmaine Rigmaiden was detained and is now facing legal repercussions for her alleged role in the fire that engulfed a home on Seminole Street, where 53-year-old Tina Dorrough lost her life. The calamity unfolded late at night on June 3 when Rigmaiden purportedly spread an accelerant across the front porch, lit it aflame, and subsequently fled.

Firefighters from both the Detroit and Hamtramck Fire Departments were dispatched to extinguish the fire. However, despite their efforts, Dorrough was pronounced dead at the scene. The flames also inflicted severe injuries on two other occupants of the house, who are still recuperating at a local hospital.

The incident has drawn sharp condemnation from legal authorities. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy expressed shock at the extreme measures adopted in what appears to be the fallout of a romantic relationship. Naming the consequences of such alleged actions as “reprehensible,” Worthy noted the innocent lives that were detrimentally impacted, with one lost and two seriously injured.

During the proceedings, revelations surfaced about Rigmaiden’s purported motives. An Assistant Prosecuting Attorney echoed the grimness of the situation to the court, suggesting Rigmaiden intended to cause her former partner emotional distress, which was reflected in a callous text message she sent him stating, “Your house is on fire,” shortly after igniting the couch located on the victim’s porch.

Further courtroom reports disclosed the extent of the peril faced by the survivors; one who reportedly averted death by jumping out of a second-story window, and another who witnessed the heartbreak of having to leave his paralyzed sister behind amid the smoky tumult.

In the aftermath of the fire, Rigmaiden’s reported route took a disturbing turn, as she apparently visited a fast-food restaurant and later admitted to purchasing illegal substances.

The defense counsel contested, arguing that Rigmaiden’s aim was solely to vandalize property and that she believed the house to be vacant. Prosecutors refuted this stance, maintaining that she was aware that occupants, including her ex-boyfriend’s disabled mother, were within the premises. The judge subsequently ruled that Rigmaiden would remain detained without bail.

This harrowing incident has left a community reeling from loss and injurious trauma, marking a painful chapter in the lives impacted by the intense ramifications of destructive personal vendettas.