Ex-Russian President Warns of Global Destruction After West Arms Ukraine

A top Russian official has issued a stark warning to the West, saying that any deliveries of new weapons to Ukraine would lead to a “global catastrophe”.

Vladimir Putin’s ally, Dmitry Kozak, made the statement in response to recent news that the West has been supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons. Kozak stated that the transfer of heavy weapons to Ukraine was an attempt to “destroy Russia”, and warned that it would have dire consequences.

The warning comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused the West of “indecisions” and “setbacks” in the conflict with Russia.

The Associated Press, Yahoo News, and Hindustan Times have all reported on the statement, while POLITICO Europe has reported that the Russian official has threatened the West with a “global catastrophe” over the weapons.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing for several years, and the situation has been further complicated by the West’s involvement. If the warnings from the Russian official are to be taken seriously, then the West may have to consider the consequences of its actions.