Experts warn of lasting health consequences: Long COVID linked to organ damage, heart problems, and gastrointestinal disorders

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, new research indicates potential long-term consequences for those who contract the virus. A study by Elevance Health links heart problems to long COVID, suggesting that the virus can damage more than just the respiratory system. Similarly, a study conducted by Boston Globe found that 59% of long COVID patients had organ damage.

But it’s not just physical damage that COVID-19 patients have to worry about. A new study out of Fox News warns that chest pains may linger for up to a year after contracting the virus, highlighting the need for ongoing monitoring and care for those affected by long COVID.

In addition to chest pains, those with long COVID may also experience gastrointestinal problems. A recent study by SciTechDaily found that long COVID can increase the risk of long-term gastrointestinal issues. The UPI News reports that the risk of gastrointestinal disorders increases within a year of COVID-19 infection.

Overall, these studies highlight the importance of ongoing care and monitoring for COVID-19 survivors, especially those dealing with long-term effects of the virus. As the pandemic continues, researchers are working tirelessly to uncover the long-term consequences of the virus, providing valuable insights into how to better care for those affected by COVID-19.