Explore the iPhone 15 Plus: Dynamic Island, USB-C Port, and Slimmed Bezels Revealed!

Rumors of the new iPhone 15 Plus have been circulating for months, and now the world has a better look at the upcoming device. New renders from MacRumors, 9to5Mac and Gizmodo depict the phone with slimmed bezels, a USB-C port, and a dynamic island.

The dynamic island, which is a feature exclusive to the iPhone 15 Plus, is a raised area that houses the phone’s camera system. This allows for better photo and video quality, as well as providing a more ergonomic design.

The phone is also rumored to come in a new ‘sunset’ shade, as reported by Macworld. This deep red color could be the perfect addition to Apple’s lineup of colors.

Finally, the iPhone 15 Plus is expected to come with USB-C, as reported by iMore. This would be a major change from the current Lightning port, and could make the device more compatible with other devices.

The iPhone 15 Plus is expected to be released later this year. With these new renders, consumers can get a better idea of what the device will look like.