Explosion Horror: Youngstown Ohio Building Blast Claims One Life and Leaves Another Missing – Updates on the Catastrophe Here!

Youngstown, Ohio – An explosion in downtown Youngstown, Ohio has resulted in one fatality, another person missing, and several others injured. The incident, which occurred at the Realty Building on East Federal Street, caused extensive damage to the structure, including the blowing off of the facade.

According to reports, a 27-year-old man, who was an employee at the bank located in the building, was discovered deceased at the scene. Authorities are still searching for a missing woman, as her car was not found at the scene and she has not been identified at any local hospitals.

Seven individuals were taken to the hospital following the explosion, with one of them currently on a ventilator. Witnesses reported smelling gas and hearing a loud boom before the incident, prompting an evacuation in the area.

Emergency officials have advised people to steer clear of the area until further notice as the situation is being actively managed. Structural engineers and gas workers have been called in for assistance, and the Ohio State Fire Marshal is leading the investigation into the cause of the explosion.

Residents in the vicinity described the explosion as feeling like a mini earthquake, with buildings shaking and loud noises heard. The impact of the blast was significant, affecting the first floor of the building which housed a Chase Bank. The area remains off-limits until safety measures are in place.

As investigators work to determine the exact cause of the explosion, the community is left reeling from the tragic event. Youngstown is located just an hour away from Pittsburgh, near the Pennsylvania-Ohio border, underscoring the regional impact of the incident.