Explosions and Animal Injuries in Fresno County Grass Fire

Fresno County, California – A grass fire quickly spread, covering 13 acres of land and causing injuries to animals in Fresno County on Saturday afternoon, according to Cal Fire. Firefighters responded to a vegetation fire at the corner of Highway 41 and Central Avenue around 4 p.m., as windy conditions pushed the flames east along Cherry Avenue towards multiple properties.

Property owners were seen evacuating livestock as the fire approached, with several animals suffering heat injuries and receiving treatment from animal control. Explosions were heard, prompting Cal Fire to enter a defensive mode as the flames reached a pallet yard containing forklifts with propane tanks, leading to nearby evacuations.

The fire caused power lines to fall, requiring PG&E to shut off power in the surrounding area. Crews are working to restore power lost due to the fire. Limited resources on scene made firefighting challenging, with ember fallout spreading to adjacent properties in the wind.

Despite the challenging conditions, about 50 firefighters were able to contain the fire after burning 13 acres of land. While no homes were destroyed, several outbuildings and structures were lost. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

In response to the incident, emergency responders including Cal Fire, Fresno City Fire, North Central Fire, American Ambulance, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, and CHP worked together. As temperatures rise, firefighters advise property owners to clear obnoxious weeds and tall grasses to prevent fires and to have evacuation plans in place for any emergency situations.