Fake Trump Electors Case Dismissed by Nevada Judge – State Attorney General to Appeal Immediately

Las Vegas, Nevada – A Nevada judge recently dismissed a case against six individuals who falsely claimed former President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election. The decision was made by Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus, who ruled that the state had filed the case in the wrong jurisdiction. The state attorney general’s office has confirmed that they will be appealing the judge’s decision immediately.

This ruling comes after a grand jury indicted six Republicans in December as part of an investigation into the 2020 presidential election. The charges included offering a false instrument for filing and uttering a forged instrument. Among those charged were Nevada State Party GOP chair Michael McDonald and vice chair Jim DeGraffenreid, who have previously appeared before a criminal grand jury related to the Capitol riot.

In addition to Nevada, slates of fake electors for the former president have been organized in other battleground states such as Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, three Trump allies were charged in connection with a scheme to keep Trump in office, including campaign official Mike Roman and attorneys Kenneth Chesebro and James Troupis. Meanwhile, in Arizona, former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and other Trump aides were indicted along with false electors in connection with alleged efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s electoral victory in 2020.

It was also revealed that the Trump team helped prepare fake certificates in New Mexico and Pennsylvania, but false electors in those states have not been charged. Despite this, it was noted that false electors in both states had added language to their certificates stipulating that they were submitted on the condition that they would be recognized as duly elected, qualified electors.

Overall, the case against the false electors in Nevada sheds light on the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the 2020 presidential election and the various efforts made by some individuals to challenge the results. As legal battles continue in multiple states, the debate over the legitimacy of the election results remains a contentious issue in the political landscape.