FBI Raids Mike Pence’s Home After Discovery of Classified Documents: What We Know Now

Former Vice President Mike Pence has been the subject of a federal investigation after the FBI searched his home for classified documents.

The search was conducted after the discovery of classified documents that could be related to the ongoing investigation into former President Donald Trump.

Aerial footage of Pence’s residence showed FBI agents entering and leaving the residence with boxes of documents.

Pence has denied any wrongdoing, but has not commented on the documents that were found.

In a recent interview, Pence said his mother would not give him permission to testify before the special counsel investigating Trump.

Pence’s refusal to testify has raised questions about what information he could be hiding.

The FBI’s search of Pence’s home and his refusal to testify has put him in the spotlight as the special counsel continues its investigation.

It is unclear what will come of the FBI’s search and Pence’s refusal to testify, but it is likely that the special counsel will continue to investigate the former Vice President.

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