“Fed Chair Powell’s Hawkish Comments Shake Up Markets: Dow Jones Futures Rise, Tesla Falls Below Key Level”

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s statements on interest rates has caused turmoil in the stock market, sending the Dow Jones futures tumbling. However, Powell’s comments did not come as a surprise to many investors who were already anticipating a rate hike. Treasury yields rose as investors weighed in on Powell’s remarks.

Powell said that interest rates are likely to go higher than initially anticipated, which many investors interpreted as a sign of faster inflation. This caused a sell-off in the markets, with Tesla falling below a key level.

Despite Powell’s comments, some are questioning why Wall Street didn’t listen to him. Bloomberg reports that Powell’s hawkish stance should have been taken seriously, and that investors need to be more vigilant about the potential impact of rate hikes on the economy.

Overall, Powell’s remarks have caused a lot of uncertainty in the markets. Investors are now looking to see how the economy will react to the upcoming rate hike, and whether it will result in further market turmoil.