Fed Chair Powell’s Testimony and Jobs Report Causes Market Volatility This Week

This week’s job report and Powell testimony are taking center stage in the financial world. The report, which is announced on Friday, will show the current state of employment in America. Many investors are anxiously waiting for the results of this report as it could signal changes in the economy.

Additionally, Jerome Powell, the Fed Chair, is set to deliver a policy report to Congress later this week. Powell’s testimony is critical as it could address the possibility of more interest-rate hikes, not fewer – something that many investors are keeping an eye on.

The anticipation around this week’s events has caused some volatility in the markets, and many are bracing for even more. Seeking Alpha reports that “bracing for volatility” is the best approach to take given the importance of these upcoming events.

While the markets may be unpredictable this week, analysts recommend keeping an eye on both the job report and Powell’s testimony to ensure that investors are making informed decisions.