Feds Investigate Near-Collision of Two Aircraft at Austin Airport

Just before noon on Sunday at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, a near-collision between two aircraft on a runway was averted.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a FedEx cargo plane was on its final approach to the runway when a Southwest jet crossed its path. The FedEx plane was forced to abort its landing and take off again to avoid a collision.

The FAA has launched an investigation into the incident. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has also joined the investigation.

The incident has raised questions about the safety of air travel in Austin. Officials at the airport are reviewing the incident and conducting an investigation of their own.

Witnesses at the scene reported that the incident was “particularly frightening” and that the planes came within a few hundred feet of each other. No injuries have been reported.

The incident has prompted the FAA to review the safety protocols at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The FAA is also urging all pilots to take extra caution when flying in and out of the airport.

The incident is still under investigation.