Flight Attendants Seek $1m in Damages from Washington Commanders Player After Allegations of In-Flight Assault – Lawyer Denies Claims

Washington, D.C. – A former NFL player, Brandon McManus, was released by the Washington Commanders following allegations of sexual assault on a transatlantic flight. The accusations stem from an incident involving two flight attendants during a flight to London last September.

The flight attendants filed a civil lawsuit against McManus, stating that he attempted to kiss one of them and behaved inappropriately towards both while they were carrying out their duties. They are seeking damages exceeding $1 million. McManus was playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars at the time of the alleged incident, as the team was en route to London for a pair of regular-season games.

In response to the allegations, the Commanders released a statement emphasizing their commitment to taking such claims seriously. McManus’s lawyer, Brett R Gallaway, refuted the accusations, asserting that they are false and supported by contradictory evidence and inconsistencies in the accusers’ statements.

McManus, 32, had signed with Washington in March after completing his 10th NFL season with Jacksonville. Both the Commanders and the Jaguars have acknowledged the situation and stated that they were investigating the matter before McManus’s release.

Gallaway expressed disappointment in the decision to release McManus before he could address the allegations and vowed to defend his client vigorously to clear his name. The legal process is expected to unfold as McManus aims to prove his innocence and return to the football field. The Commanders and Jaguars are continuing to monitor the situation as it develops.