Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Remains Confident in Presidential Campaign Strategy Despite Polling Gap with Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis remains confident about his campaign strategy and his path to the White House, despite trailing former President Donald Trump by double digits in national and state polls. At recent campaign fundraisers, DeSantis acknowledged the polling gap but argued that the race is a two-man contest between him and Trump. According to attendees, DeSantis emphasized that it is still early in the campaign and that polls can change significantly as the race progresses.

In a CBS News poll from early June, Trump held a commanding lead among likely Republican primary voters, with 61% support compared to DeSantis’ 23%. A separate poll of New Hampshire voters showed Trump with a 28-point lead over DeSantis. However, DeSantis’ campaign remains optimistic, citing internal polling in Iowa that shows him consistently leading Trump in net favorability.

DeSantis’ campaign memo highlights the importance of early state voters and the need for candidates to make a strong impression through personal interactions and debates. The memo argues that DeSantis and Trump are the only viable options for two-thirds of the GOP primary electorate. It also mentions a strategy focused on devoting resources to the first two primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

While some donors express concern about DeSantis’ low poll numbers, others remain confident, citing the uniqueness of this race due to the presence of Trump. They believe that if there were fewer candidates in the race, DeSantis would be in a stronger position. Donors at recent fundraisers emphasized DeSantis’ record as Florida governor and his ability to apply his achievements at the state level to the national stage.

DeSantis has been actively fundraising across the country since launching his campaign in late May. He has received significant support from Republican mega-donors and plans to continue hosting fundraisers in various states until mid-August. Recently, DeSantis has also discussed the upcoming first presidential debate, stating that he expects Trump to attend and is prepared to participate in policy-focused discussions rather than engaging in name-calling.

Despite lagging poll numbers, DeSantis and his campaign remain resolute, dismissing media narratives and emphasizing their commitment to challenging the establishment and defeating President Joe Biden. They believe that early state efforts and a strong campaign infrastructure will ultimately lead to success in the GOP primary.