Florida Lawmaker Apologizes for Calling Transgender People ‘Mutants’ and ‘Demons’

Florida Representative Webster Barnaby issued an apology on Friday after making derogatory comments about transgender individuals. During a speech at a House committee meeting, Barnaby referred to members of the transgender community as “demons” and “mutants.” His comments were met with swift backlash from activists and fellow lawmakers.

Barnaby’s remarks were not isolated, as other Florida Republicans have been criticized for similar comments. Representative Mike Hill previously faced backlash for suggesting that homosexuality was a choice and invoking a biblical verse about executing gay people. And just last week, Representative Anthony Sabatini introduced legislation that would prohibit transgender athletes from competing in school sports according to their gender identity.

Transgender rights activists have condemned Barnaby’s remarks and called for greater protections for the trans community. They argue that inflammatory language and discriminatory policies only fuel prejudice and marginalization. Many have urged lawmakers to prioritize the passage of transgender-inclusive anti-discrimination laws.

Barnaby’s apology has been met with mixed reactions. While some have praised him for taking responsibility for his words, others point out that his remarks were not an isolated incident and suggest that more needs to be done to address systemic discrimination. The controversy surrounding Barnaby’s comments highlights the ongoing struggle for transgender rights and the need for continued advocacy and education.