Florida Man, 78, Charged with Murder after Gun-Down Neighbor Over Tree Trimming Dispute

DeLeon Springs, FL – Authorities have taken a 78-year-old Florida man into custody on charges of second-degree murder, after he allegedly shot his neighbor to death over a property line disagreement. The suspect, Edward Druzolowski, reportedly clashed with the victim when the latter was trimming trees near their mutual fence.

Volusia Sheriff’s Office said that the incident happened on a Sunday night. Numerous calls regarding a shooting in the DeLeon Springs area, roughly 45 miles north of Orlando, triggered a swift response from local law enforcement.

The victim, 42-year-old Brian Ford, was said to be cutting tree limbs close to the dividing line between his and Druzolowski’s property when he was confronted. According to the sheriff’s office, Druzolowski issued a threat to shoot if Ford did not vacate his property.

Volusia Sheriff’s Office reported that Druzolowski admitted to detectives that he executed his threat and shot Ford when the latter chose to stay. Ford was reportedly still on Druzolowski’s property when authorities responded to the incident.

Law enforcement officers on the scene attempted life-saving interventions, however, these efforts proved futile. When emergency medical services arrived, Ford was pronounced dead at the scene. The property dispute turned fatal, marking a tragic conclusion to an otherwise common neighborly disagreement over yard maintenance.

As he awaits his initial court appearance, Druzolowski is being held without bond. It remains to be seen how this case will unravel, especially amid the broader conversation on gun control and property rights.