Food-Contamination Scandal Rocks China: Toxic Chemicals in Cooking Oil Tankers Spark Investigation

Beijing, China – The Chinese government has launched an investigation into allegations that fuel tankers have been improperly transporting cooking oil after carrying toxic chemicals without proper cleaning between loads. This controversy has sparked concerns among social media users about potential food contamination.

According to state-run Beijing News, tankers used for transporting fuel were found to be carrying food products such as cooking oil and syrup without being decontaminated correctly. This practice was reportedly so common in the industry that it was considered an “open secret,” as stated by a driver quoted in the newspaper.

The issue has further eroded public trust in the Chinese government’s ability to enforce food safety standards. It has become a trending topic on Chinese social media platforms, with tens of thousands of posts and millions of views.

Many users on Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter, have expressed their concerns about food safety. Some have drawn comparisons to the 2008 Sanlu milk scandal, where contaminated powdered milk led to illness and deaths in children.

In China, tankers are not restricted to specific types of goods, allowing them to carry food products immediately after transporting other substances. Several major Chinese companies, including a subsidiary of state-owned Sinograin and the Hopefull Grain and Oil Group, have been implicated in the allegations.

Sinograin is currently investigating whether food safety regulations were followed properly and has pledged to suspend the use of any trucks found to be non-compliant. Similarly, Hopefull Grain has stated that it is conducting a thorough self-inspection in response to the allegations.

Government officials have assured the public that food safety officials will conduct a thorough investigation and will punish any companies or individuals found to be in violation of regulations. They have also committed to releasing the findings of the investigation promptly. Additionally, local authorities in Hebei and Tianjin provinces are looking into the matter as well.

The Chinese government has emphasized that illegal enterprises and individuals involved in wrongdoing will face severe penalties in accordance with the law. This commitment to strict enforcement underscores the importance of maintaining food safety standards and ensuring the wellbeing of the public.