“Former Cardinals Coach Kliff Kingsbury Joins USC Coaching Staff to Work with Quarterbacks”

Kliff Kingsbury, former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, has landed on his feet in the college football world. Kingsbury has been hired by the University of Southern California (USC) as a senior offensive analyst, according to sources.

This move has sparked a lot of speculation as to what it means for the Trojans. Some experts believe that Kingsbury’s hiring could signal that USC is looking to revamp their offensive strategy. Others believe that Kingsbury’s expertise with quarterbacks is what USC is really after.

In fact, reports are now surfacing that Kingsbury will specifically be working with the school’s quarterbacks. This could bring a much-needed boost to the Trojans’ offense, which has struggled in recent years.

Kingsbury’s return to the college football world is something that many people are excited about. He was a standout quarterback during his college days and has had success coaching quarterbacks at both the college and professional levels.

There are still many questions about what exactly Kingsbury’s role at USC will be, but one thing is for sure: his hiring has generated a lot of buzz around the program. USC fans are hoping that Kingsbury’s expertise will be the key to bringing the Trojans back to national prominence.