Fort Bragg officially becomes Fort Liberty in US Army base rebranding ceremony

The US Army has officially renamed Fort Bragg as Fort Liberty in a move to distance the base from its Confederate namesake. The decision was met with mixed reactions from military members and veterans who shared their opinions on the eve of the transition.

Fort Bragg is the latest military base to undergo a name change due to the honoring of Confederate figures. CBS News reported that the decision to rename the base was made to reflect the Army’s values of unity, diversity, and inclusion.

As part of the rebranding, a ceremony was held to drop the Confederate namesake and unveil the new Fort Liberty name. The event was watched live by many, including WTVD-TV, who covered the ceremony.

The Associated Press reported that the Army has been undergoing a comprehensive review of all its bases to identify and discontinue any honors to Confederate figures. The move has sparked controversy, with some arguing that the renaming disregards history and veterans’ sacrifices.

Overall, the Army has stated that the name change is part of its continued efforts to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all troops.